Confirming your details and your CAA Number

EDIT: The WMAC are asking you to provide the number to the committee, not the BMFA

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I have been speaking to the BMFA, and we have been informed that there may be an insurance issue if flying without a CAA Number. A term and condition for your BMFA insurance is to be flying within the law, and obviously since the new ruling came into effect on being registered with the CAA that requires registration immediately. Without an Operator ID, insurance is invalid on models over 250g.

We have been advised to capture all the member’s CAA numbers, and store them on your online profile on our website. This is so the club have record of everyone covered, so we have covered all bases should an incident occur. If an accident is had without a valid CAA, the model club can say we did all we could and have shown due diligence in ensuring all of our members are operating legally whilst covered by insurance.

We will soon be implementing a club rule that requires anyone flying anything over 250g has an Operator ID, and this ID is sent to us and is shown upon your model following CAA guidelines and must have insurance.

Your number will have been emailed to you from the CAA, and will look similar to “GBR-OP-ABC123D4”.

The form below also asks you to confirm your details to us, to ensure we have the most up to date information on file and to gain your permission in securely storing this information. It is important we get this form back from everyone.

The form you need to complete is available at:

If anyone struggles opening the form, or completing it, please contact me at

If anyone does not have CAA cover, please log into your BMFA account and purchase it if you require it (anyone flying anything over 250g), or contact the BMFA.

Many thanks in advance to you all for filling this form!

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Webmaster & Club Secretary