Government Announcement 22nd Feb

Hi Everyone,

As you probably all saw, tonight we had a lockdown update from the Government and an exit strategy back to a normal life. Sadly, whilst it was what we expected, the fields will be remaining closed for the foreseeable.

One glimmer of hope, however, lies within the Prime Minister’s steps towards a normal life again. With his four step plan, one of those steps stated on the 29th March, the rule of 6 will once again apply. We are hopeful this will cover our activities at the flying field, with the 21st June being a return to total normality. Once the Prime Minister gives us another press conference at some point in March to confirm the next step, and with your committee discussing options with our landlords, it is hopeful we can return to flying just in time for the spring! Obviously, we can’t guarantee this, but we are remaining optimistic!!

Hopefully, those summer BBQs at the field are now in sight….

Stay safe everyone and hopefully bring you some better news in the coming weeks.


Sam Booton

Club Secretary