Voting, Club Funds & 2022 Plans

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope you’re all well, and that you’re looking forward to the festivities coming up! This is just an email to let you know about voting, and to bring some clarity the situation some have understandably become confused over regarding why we need £4,000 in our bank account. 


Voting will open tonight to allow you all to vote. You will notice there are only 7 nominations, and 7 positions on the committee. Whilst this may seem like a pointless vote, the committee actually have to stand down each year and be voted back on. This is in our constitution, and even though there are technically no choices in the positions being voted for, it still must be done. Therefore, your vote will enable a committee to operate constitutionally, and will also show your support should you wish to show it.

Club funds and site improvement

We have had queries about club funds, and having an expectation to reply. Until yesterday evening, we didn’t know the status of how many people would be nominating themselves. We therefore can’t speak for a 2022 committee on plans for the fields during 2022. This was made clear in my initial email that all comments regarding 2022 on the forum will be addressed by the 2022 committee – that is why some queries that relate to next year haven’t gained a response just yet. The 2022 committee are not here yet.

The amount of money in the bank is required as a back up. We always need to think of questions cut as ‘what if a mower needed replacing, or both of them needed replacing?’ Or ‘what if they needed extensive work?’ or ‘what if only half the members decided to rejoin at an AGM? What if we needed a new field if we were asked to leave one of our current sites, where to we find the deposit?’ Finances haven’t stunted any advancement in the sites, but it must always be considered to ensure the club can still be in the black should a large, unexpected bill arise. The last thing we want is the club going into the red on its bank balance, and having no money and/or no mowers or fields as a result of that. We are lucky we have an emergency contingency fund, and it has been this way for several years.

We also haven’t actually had any suggestions on what we can do to improve these sites within the AGM forum itself. We have ideas ourselves, and we’ve had one or two verbal ideas from you over the last year but it would also be great to hear yours too on the forum. Suggestions and help is always welcome, and we will always do what is practical and affordable and what is desired by many. We have been looking into benches etc, but again, please do voice what YOU would like, as this club is owned by us all and we all use it.

Please feel free to leave suggestions on what the 2022 committee can do, and please also remember to check the Rushwick report sent last month for the plans to that field.

Booking in to fly

A reminder, it is still a club rule to book. I’ve had a couple of people not aware of this, please do still book to fly!

Goodbye to some committee members…

We are saying goodbye to James and Simon Ford, who have both been on the committee for several years, to focus on other projects. Simon, who started as a club officer and then the treasurer/club secretary, and also James who has been club officer and club secretary. They have done great work in assisting to keeping the club running over the years and arranging many events many of you have attended. I’m sure you’d all join the current committee in thanking them for their years of service and efforts.

The voting will end in 7 days time, which will fall on the 10th December (at around 6pm or so), so make sure you’re voted before that date to ensure you’re not cut off! 

See you all soon,

Many Thanks,

Sam Booton

Club Secretary and Webmaster