AGM Results

Hi Everyone,

The results are in! I’ll disclose the names of those who have been nominated by other members at the end of this email, and announce the date renewals open. This time during the vote, obviously there was no other people to vote for in order to make a committee. We did, however, require 20% of the membership to vote and we’ve had 22 votes this year. That’s a great result, not as many as last year (but then last year it mattered more!), but we’ve had more than most years at an AGM still!

Your 2022 Committee:

Chairman: Dave Evans

Membership Secretary / Treasurer: Sam Booton

Club Secretary: Clive Maulden

Club Officers: Jeremy Flatt, Tom Leonard, Mike Strain, Brian Howes

Nominations for stand out member of the year:

Winner: Martin Round (really well deserved!!!!)


“Great dedication in helping new members achieve ‘A’ level status, a critical role and much appreciated””For his dedication to training new members””For dedication to training new members””Unselfishly has given his time to assist and train as necessary new members constantly during 2021″”Brilliant instructor””Martin is always ready and willing to help””Hardworking and dedicated to training new members” 

Runners up:

Dave Evans“There has been a host of challenges to the existence of the Club and its flying fields this year. To Dave’s great credit he has dedicated time and effort to managing the excellent relationships with our flying site landowners and ensured their cooperation and support as the sites are maintained and improved for us to enjoy. A heartfelt thank you from me””His calm, reasonable and methodical approach to what has been challenging year for the committee” 

Sam Booton“The website””I would to nominate Sam for his continued hard work under difficult times in maintaining the club website and keeping the club fully informed of all developments within the club” 

Tom Leonard“Tom Leonard is a very committed member of the club. He dedicates hours of his time to the rushwick field and would love to work with and help the club more as club officer” 

Clive Maulden“Clive this year has once again gone above and beyond for Rushwick. He’s attended the site several times with others to see what can be done about the field, liaised with the farmer several times with regards to rent to save the field going to ex members and to discuss options to restore the runway. Having to deal with demands from members whilst doing all he can, and for the cooking at the BBQs he’s been done a lot for us this year” 

To the whole club from a new member:“As I have only joined this year I would like to thank everyone that I have meet for being so friendly and helpful. Initially I came along to seek some advice and spoke to Dave and Bryan then 3hrs later I felt very welcome and decided to join”   

Renewals will open Monday evening, following an email and a WhatsApp message from me. Card renewals this year won’t have a card handling fee, so if you wish to pay be card it’ll only be £72.00. 

Many thanks to all those that have voted and supported us, and thanks again!   

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster