National Lockdown Field Closures

It is with great regret that I have to email you all once again about closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The Prime Minister announced a number of restrictions during his speech on Monday 4th January. Within that announcement, a third full national lockdown with similar severity as the one in March of last year was put into effect. We are sorry to say this means no travel, and our activities at the flying fields are to cease immediately. We have therefore had to close the fields until further notice. This is the advice from the Government, the BMFA and our landowners. 

A review is to be held on the 22nd February, so we will update you on what happens to our flying fields as soon as we hear from the Government.

All current bookings have been cancelled, and ask you please not to travel to the fields during this time for any reason. 

During this time, the safety of the nation and our families is the most important thing. The new strain has caught healthcare off guard, and is far more contagious than the 2020 strain. It isn’t just our elderly and at-risk members we have to consider here, but all of our members of any age and any level of fitness.  Anyone can catch this virus, and even if you are fit and you contract, it is the frontline NHS staff who need to treat anyone who has the virus. They are struggling to cope, and we must do all we can now at this time and help prevent passing on the virus to more people.

The end of this is near, we have vaccines now and so a way out in sight which we did not have last March. Just a little longer, and we will be back to flying all week and having those much anticipated BBQs!!

Stay safe everyone, and Happy New Year from all of us at the Committee!


Sam Booton

Worcester Model Aero Club