AGM follow up

Good morning everyone 

What can I say? 

I am bowled over with your generosity in going to the trouble to cast your votes for myself and our committee. 

The result is an all time record for WMAC… first time ever that over 50% of the membership voted for a committee. The on line voting system created by Sam really worked well and you all obviously found it very convenient to use. 

Its a shame we could not meet in person but if the Covid allows then we would like to hold an outdoor meeting next year with a Bbq and fun fly etc at one of our fields. 

Meanwhile lets all keep in touch via website etc and jolly each other along the way until Spring arrives..then whoopie .. back to the fields. 

The committee assure you all of our of our best endeavours in making wmac “THE flying club” to be in in Worcestershire. 

We currently have vacancies so tell your friends.. spread the word. 

Remember we have two new fields to look forward to in 2021. 

I must say that 2020 was a real team effort by the committee. We had many challenges along the way and by  

Wish you all best for the Christmas and the new year. 

Get those planes sorted. 

Thanks again 

Dave and the committee.