AGM Results

The results are in! 

We have had an unprecedented number of people vote this year, more than any AGM in the past, which is excellent to see. It is great to see the membership all coming together to vote and show interest in the club’s future, so thank you all for your time taken to vote. 

In this email are the results, who your committee are, and who won the honourable mentions and a copy of what was written about each member who was nominated.

The results are as follows:

George Constandinides: 2 (including 1x vote for himself)

Dave Evans: 30 (including 1x vote for himself)

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As you know, all other positions had no additional nominations and so the candidates who were already on the committee received 100% of the vote by default.

You’ll also notice another first in this, not only has Dave Evans won the majority of the people who voted, but with 59 members and __ votes he also has a club majority! Well done Dave! This puts us in a really excellent position to be able to help the club as much as we can, knowing we have the backing of the membership behind us. 

Next, we have had a slight re-shuffle in the Committee on who is doing what. You may have noticed this whilst voting, but I’ll outline it again for you anyway. 

James Ford has decided he wanted to step down from Club Secretary/Training Officer/Events Officer for the 2021 voting, and go back to being a Club Officer. James has been carrying out this role since he was for elected back in 2018 at the AGM, and has been on the committee since the AGM election in 2016 as club officer. I’m sure we’d all thank James for his efforts and are grateful he remains on the committee for 2021 as one of our Club Officers. 

I’ll (Sam Booton) now be taking on the role of Club Secretary and Events, and Dave Evans will be taking on the Training Officer role. He will now be the first point of call for people wishing to learn to fly, and will liaise with the instructors on who can take the student on.

Your 2021 Committee:

Dave Evans – Chairman and Training Officer

Simon Ford – Treasurer and Membership Secretary

Sam Booton – Club Secretary, Webmaster and Events

James Ford – Club Officer

Jeremy Flatt – Club Officer

Bryan Howes – Club Officer

Clive Maulden – Club Officer

Remember, you can either contact us directly or use the new club emails ( or

The website has been updated already to reflect these changes, which I know a vast majority of you appreciate the website being frequently updated to reflect any changes.

The virtual meeting minutes will be made available tonight too. They will be a little different to normal, with no meeting having actually being held. The names of people who voted (i.e. present for the virtual AGM) will be listed, but not who you all voted for as that remains anonymous to the membership. Points raised in the Discussion Forum and queries made on the voting forms for the reports will also be addressed on there. 

Outstanding Members Mentions:

Below you’ll see each member who was nominated, along with the comments that have been copied and pasted from the voting forms.

Provide ONE name of someone who stands out in the club you would like recognised for their hard work and dedication over 2020. This can be someone on or off the committee


Sam Booton

Please explain why you’d like to nominate this person

A lot of good work on the web site

Work on the web site

Many hours spent producing quality work that has been essential to manage the club and the covid-19

Great website

Sam Booton has tirelessly transformed the website into a creation fit for the 21st century. Well done!

Great work on the new website and booking system

He has done an excellent job developing the new website and and booking system.  He keep all info on the site very current.

Work on WEBSITE 

I would like to nominate Sam Booton as in my opinion he has exhibited exceptional dedication by burning much midnight oil to provide us all with a fabulous club website which has allowed all of us the opportunity to fly safely during the Covid pandemic and also allowed the committee to run the club in an efficient manner in very difficult circumstances to the benefit of all of us.

Runners up:

Dave Evans

Please explain why you’d like to nominate this person

David as Chairman has successfully driven forward all aspects of the club in what has been a particularly difficult year.

Put in a huge amount of time and effort during a very difficult year.

Dave has provided first class leadership and put the needs of the Club first when faced with the challenges of Covid, flooding, model Car racers, Noise complaints and noisy models. Well done!

His calm and steady leadership 

has brought the club back to a stable and united membership.

Long standing good sense and service to the club. Just to say THANK YOU for such a great job in difficult times 

Martin Round

Please explain why you’d like to nominate this person

For providing tuition to a number of new members, as well as assembling a bespoke wireless buddy system for different brand Txs, and making a second set which can be available for other instructors. 

Providing training for several new members this year.

He has been of great help to me, given me considerable help over this last year

Steve Ottley

Please explain why you’d like to nominate this person

All of his help with the new Hanbury field, the drone footage of the sites for the website and the offer to always offer more assistance to the committee over the past year. Steve isn’t on the committee, and yet has always offered to help in any way he possibly can. A credit to WMAC.

Thank you

I just want to say a big thank you to all of those who have nominated me and allowed me to win the most voted member for doing something for the club. I am really humbled, and did not expect it at all and it is so nice to read all of your positive thoughts. I’m really grateful, the website was a lot of work and keeping it up to date is always work in itself, so it is nice to see my efforts are appreciated. Thank you again!!

Don’t forget to renew today!! Visit the online store to renew, found at

I look forward to what 2021 brings the club, and see you all down the field soon!

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Webmaster and Club Secretary

Worcester Model Aero Club