Rushwick 2021: Committee Announcement

At the last AGM the committee raised concerns about the low usage of this field and the consensus of the meeting was that we should retain the site and promote its use. It was suggested we were actually two clubs and things should be done to reflect this. The Chairman and all of the committee firmly stated we are one club with two fields. As flying fields are very difficult to find we should do all we can to retain both fields.

Plans to promote the site, and improve it, have not been possible due to the pandemic. The river grass clumps that have infected the field also thwarted attempts to widen the strip. However, at our landlords suggestion, the field has been ploughed and re-seeded in order to allow him to properly maintained the grass. This gives us the opportunity to adjust the size and location of our runway without the river grass clumps that have damaged some models. We hope members will agree this short term inconvenience will bring longer term benefits.  

Very recently our landlord has received an offer to rent the field from an ex club member who stated that due to low usage the club was probably going to give up the site, this was not the first time this had been suggested to him, the offer contained a sum that was about 50% more than we currently pay and indicated it was supported by around 25 people . Our landlord was obviously concerned we may not need his field in the future, particularly as he has enjoyed excellent relations with the club for nearly twenty years. We have assured him of our ongoing commitment but that we were unlikely to match the offer he has received. He has agreed to accept the same payment as this year in order to maintain our relationship; to show good faith, and prevent any further competing offers, we offered to pay him for 2021 in October rather than December. A modest concession considering the financial inducement he received.

It is disappointing that some of those supporting the competing offer may be existing club members who are prepared to damage our club by reducing its assets.