Acceptable Use of the Booking System

Good Afternoon,

I apologise for sounding like a broken record on the below email, but I’m having emails and WhatsApp chats complaining to me about the lack of available bookings, and no shows to the field. After being asked by several members to please send out a firm but a friendly reminder on the policy, I decided to send it. I hope to alleviate some of your, and my, frustrations!

The vast number of members are doing this perfectly, and to them, thank you so much and please do ignore what I have to say in this email. However, it has been brought to my attention that despite many reminders and the booking page being littered with reminders on this, some people are still not listening to a very basic request.

To make it abundantly clear:

  • You must book before visiting a field
  • You must attend your booking
  • You must cancel your booking if it is not required 

Cancelling is a requirement. 

It does not matter if it is pouring with rain, it does not matter if it is blowing a gale, it does not matter if it is obvious no one would be flying today. You must cancel the booking.

You cancel by clicking the blue trash (bin) icon next to your name. This is also stated on the actual web page.

Failing to do either of these three things is a failure to follow basic club rules. As you’ll know from when you joined the club, failing to comply with rules can result in disciplinary action being taken. Please do not risk opening yourselves up to this over something so simple!

It is imperative this is done, it also assists in test and trace to help protect you and others around you. 

It is, and I don’t feel this needs to be said as it is very obvious but I will anyway, arguably selfish to your fellow members to not cancel bookings when other members want to fly. Especially all day bookings.

When you have cancelled your booking, as Steve suggested on WhatsApp, it’d be a nice idea to tell people you’ve cancelled in case anyone else wants to book. I see a couple have started this, and that’s excellent! A very good idea.

What I’m asking for here is very simple, and it’d save me a load of time having to manually delete unused bookings. I have had several now in the past week… 

If anyone struggles with the booking system… the lay out of it and the rationale behind it is the same as the previous site. Furthermore, basic instructions are on the website if people could just read them. They’re in the booking page, listed under a heading called ‘Booking Page Guidance’ to make it as simple and as obvious as possible.

If any more help is needed, email me, please – do not just ignore the club rules. This is the final time I’ll remind you all, after this, automated messages will be sent to repeat ‘no show’ bookings and are also now being logged by the server and each no show will be looked into.

If anyone has any concerns with covid rules not being obeyed or feel anything can be done better, please let me or the rest of the committee know! 

Remember to keep checking for new restrictions, whether that be increased or decreased measures, at

So please, take a minute or so to log in and click that little blue dustbin!