Rushwick Clarification

A message from the Chairman:

Good Evening,

I am writing again to dispell a myth being spread by one member who seems to be under the mistaken impression that your committee are closing Rushwick without reason and for good.

This of course is complete rubbish.

 To re iterate my previous newsletter. The LANDLORD has informed the committee that he intends to plough and re seed the whole field in the next few days for the benefit of the club so that next Spring we will have a very much improved facilty. 

The committee plan to retain this site for members well into the foreseable future and rejuvenite it in partnership with Matt the landlord. 

There has to be a TEMPORARY closure whilst work takes place hence Matt has stated that now is the best time of the year to do it.especially after a rainy period like now. 

So in the interest of our 58 members safety we need to state a cut off date which in view of the imminent commencement of work we considered reasonable. That cut off date being 26th September. 

If, after the work is completed and the field has been rolled to a useabe state, then we might be able to restart flying earlier than stated. It all depends on what kind of Winter we get of course.. 

So from the above date you will not be able legally to make a flying booking. Anyone caught flying illegally will be disciplined as it would be a breach of emergency club rule 25 for covid 19.  

(Visit to keep up to date on the latest policy) 

Hope this clarifies our position. 

We know we have your support with this venture to getting a brand new field for your enjoyment 

Best regards