Flying Times Update & Hanbury Noticeboard

Good Evening,

A couple of updates for you with regards to the new flying times for sessions over the winter, and a new noticeboard at Hanbury.

Flying Times

The flying times will be changing as of Sunday 25th October until further notice. The new time will be ALL DAY ONLY, which will cover from 10:00am to dusk. 

You may continue to book AM and PM slots up until Saturday 24th October, but please do not book these slot types for Sunday 25th onwards. They will be deleted otherwise! As of Sunday morning, the options on the website will be removed to book AM or PM – they will remain in place for now to allow bookings prior to the 25th to continue as normal.

Hanbury Notice Board

Clive has made an excellent job at building us a notice board for the Hanbury site! On there will be all the information before, such as flying times and no fly zones, but additionally you’ll find club rules and a for sale section. 

Additionally, as well as the NHS Test and Trace poster being on the gate post for a ‘drive through’ type scan you’ll also find it on the notice board from some time next week. 

Photos below!

Share contact details amongst members

So a few of you asked for shared contact details so other members could contact one another. 

This has now been implemented on a page called ‘Contact a Member’, which is located in the member’s menu once you’re logged in. It’s URL is

To add yourself to this list, you will need to do the following:

  1. Log in
  2. Click ‘My Details’ in the members menu
  3. Click the gear cog icon on the right side of your profile, just below your cover photo of the field
  4. Click ‘Edit Profile’
  5. On the third column (far right) at the very bottom, select ‘Opted In’ under the heading of ‘Share email address on contact page’.
  6. Click the the big blue ‘Update Profile’ button

Your email address, and only your email address, will be added to the contact page. Only current members can view this information and only when they’re logged in – previous members and non-members cannot view this information. Also, only your email address is displayed, no other information. 

Anyone needs any help, or this being done for them if you’re struggling, let me know!

Rushwick 2021: Committee Announcement

At the last AGM the committee raised concerns about the low usage of this field and the consensus of the meeting was that we should retain the site and promote its use. It was suggested we were actually two clubs and things should be done to reflect this. The Chairman and all of the committee firmly stated we are one club with two fields. As flying fields are very difficult to find we should do all we can to retain both fields.

Plans to promote the site, and improve it, have not been possible due to the pandemic. The river grass clumps that have infected the field also thwarted attempts to widen the strip. However, at our landlords suggestion, the field has been ploughed and re-seeded in order to allow him to properly maintained the grass. This gives us the opportunity to adjust the size and location of our runway without the river grass clumps that have damaged some models. We hope members will agree this short term inconvenience will bring longer term benefits.  

Very recently our landlord has received an offer to rent the field from an ex club member who stated that due to low usage the club was probably going to give up the site, this was not the first time this had been suggested to him, the offer contained a sum that was about 50% more than we currently pay and indicated it was supported by around 25 people . Our landlord was obviously concerned we may not need his field in the future, particularly as he has enjoyed excellent relations with the club for nearly twenty years. We have assured him of our ongoing commitment but that we were unlikely to match the offer he has received. He has agreed to accept the same payment as this year in order to maintain our relationship; to show good faith, and prevent any further competing offers, we offered to pay him for 2021 in October rather than December. A modest concession considering the financial inducement he received.

It is disappointing that some of those supporting the competing offer may be existing club members who are prepared to damage our club by reducing its assets.



Acceptable Use of the Booking System

Good Afternoon,

I apologise for sounding like a broken record on the below email, but I’m having emails and WhatsApp chats complaining to me about the lack of available bookings, and no shows to the field. After being asked by several members to please send out a firm but a friendly reminder on the policy, I decided to send it. I hope to alleviate some of your, and my, frustrations!

The vast number of members are doing this perfectly, and to them, thank you so much and please do ignore what I have to say in this email. However, it has been brought to my attention that despite many reminders and the booking page being littered with reminders on this, some people are still not listening to a very basic request.

To make it abundantly clear:

  • You must book before visiting a field
  • You must attend your booking
  • You must cancel your booking if it is not required 

Cancelling is a requirement. 

It does not matter if it is pouring with rain, it does not matter if it is blowing a gale, it does not matter if it is obvious no one would be flying today. You must cancel the booking.

You cancel by clicking the blue trash (bin) icon next to your name. This is also stated on the actual web page.

Failing to do either of these three things is a failure to follow basic club rules. As you’ll know from when you joined the club, failing to comply with rules can result in disciplinary action being taken. Please do not risk opening yourselves up to this over something so simple!

It is imperative this is done, it also assists in test and trace to help protect you and others around you. 

It is, and I don’t feel this needs to be said as it is very obvious but I will anyway, arguably selfish to your fellow members to not cancel bookings when other members want to fly. Especially all day bookings.

When you have cancelled your booking, as Steve suggested on WhatsApp, it’d be a nice idea to tell people you’ve cancelled in case anyone else wants to book. I see a couple have started this, and that’s excellent! A very good idea.

What I’m asking for here is very simple, and it’d save me a load of time having to manually delete unused bookings. I have had several now in the past week… 

If anyone struggles with the booking system… the lay out of it and the rationale behind it is the same as the previous site. Furthermore, basic instructions are on the website if people could just read them. They’re in the booking page, listed under a heading called ‘Booking Page Guidance’ to make it as simple and as obvious as possible.

If any more help is needed, email me, please – do not just ignore the club rules. This is the final time I’ll remind you all, after this, automated messages will be sent to repeat ‘no show’ bookings and are also now being logged by the server and each no show will be looked into.

If anyone has any concerns with covid rules not being obeyed or feel anything can be done better, please let me or the rest of the committee know! 

Remember to keep checking for new restrictions, whether that be increased or decreased measures, at

So please, take a minute or so to log in and click that little blue dustbin!



Rushwick Reopens – but please read before flying!

Hi all

Clive has been to Rushwick today to check on the progress made by the landlord with ploughing our flying field.

He reports that the entire field has now been ploughed, seeded and rolled. Job complete.

There is just a small grass parking area remaining… enough for maybe two cars.

In terms of flying there… Well it’s possibly ok for lightweight hand launched foamies but there are tractor tyre ruts all over so not good. We suggest you go and see for yourselves. Fly if you can as the field is NOT now closed for flying despite mis-information to the contrary being put out by one or two dissenters.

Please note it is the farmer’s decision entirely to re-furbish the field, not the club’s decision and we are simply responding in the interest of all members.

Should be a nice field for next year.

Rushwick Now Closed

Hi everyone,  

Just to let you know that Rushwick is now being ploughed therefore we have to temporarily close the site with immediate effect.

Once ploughing, seeding and rolling is complete we should be able to re open if only for lightweight foamies.  

Thanks for your patiance and understanding.  

We get a new field in the end and remember.. the farmer is doing this primarily for the club.   He only keeps a few sheep in the field so we get most benefit from this effort on his part  

The website is updated to no longer allow bookings to Rushwick.  



Rushwick Booking Changes

Here is an update on the Rushwick field refurbishment as of today.

Matt the landlord has advised us that the field has now been “harrowed” all over (not ploughed as some members believe) but the contractor mistakenly omitted to harrow the flying strip.

Within the next 5 DAYS the contractor will plough the entire field including the flying strip (but not the car park which has no river weed in it).

Therefore the booking in for Rushwick on the website is re-enabled to allow booking in at Rushwick to resume until we are forced to stop by the landlord. Booking a flying slot is mandatory for Covid safety reasons, and cancelling unwanted bookings (no matter the weather!).

MATT will call the committee as soon as ploughing starts so that once again flying will be suspended until that operation is complete.

Once ploughing, re-seeding and rolling is complete then we will re open the site to flying on the bare earth until conditions dictate otherwise. As stated previously, due to the changing pattern dictated by the landlords work on the site things will change at very short notice but we will keep you informed. Please note the committee are not setting the agenda, its the landlord who is doing that and the committee are responding accordingly.

WMAC & the NHS Test and Trace App

The NHS Covid-19 Test and Trace app has launched for smartphones. 

The point of the app is to alert you if you have come into contact with anyone who is a ‘confirmed positive’ of the covid-19 virus.

To download the app, links are provided for you later in the email. Click on the correct platform (Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android) for your phone. 

To set up, it is exceptionally easy. It just asks you for your first half of your post code (e.g. WR9). It then asks for permission to access your bluetooth etc and you just need to grant ‘Yes’ or ‘Allow’ to all prompts. Then that’s it, all set up!! You can now scan and check in anywhere – pubs, restaurants, shops, and our fields.

To use this feature, we have installed very large QR codes at the sites in order to ‘check in’ once you arrive. This data is sent securely to the NHS anonymously. 

QR Code Locations

At Hanbury, it is on the gatepost as you pull in so you can wind down your window and scan. Rushwick, it is on the notice board ready for when the site is reopened. 

How to use

To scan the code, simply open the NHS Covid-19 app on your phone. Tap ‘Venue Check In’ and position the frame within the app to cover the QR code. The screen will then say ‘Successful Check In’ and you’re all done. 

This would need to be done each time you visit a field.

To check in, select ‘venue check in’ (circled), then aim the QR code in the viewfinder and you’ll get a confirmation

Do I have to?

We would urge you to please do this, it only takes a moment to set up the app and a split second to scan to check into the sites. If you go out to pubs you will need to do this anyway. The app gave the post code near to Hanbury as ‘medium risk’ as opposed to ‘low risk’, so it would be useful to sign up to with the second wave coming soon.

The only places where it is law to do this is hospitality venues such as pubs and bars and restaurants. BUT, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it! Many industries and organisations were implementing this system far sooner than when the law came about last week. It helps the NHS, it can save lives by helping to protect you and those around you. It also helps the country keep track of the progression of the virus. With a second wave, this is really important every organisation does what it can to help.

Where can I download it?

Click the links below relevant for your phone:

Apple (iPhone only) devices (requires iOS 13.5+):

Android/Google devices (requires Android 6.0+):

Is it safe?

Yes. It is built on standards created by your phone’s Operating System company. Apple and Google worked together to ensure maximum function and maximum security by creating an API for the app to use. Your date is safe and anonymous. You do not enter any personal information when you set up the app.


Please still book in to fly on our website and please delete any unwanted bookings. This is a club rule. NHS Test and Trace does not replace this system, it further enhances it.

App Information

Rushwick Clarification

A message from the Chairman:

Good Evening,

I am writing again to dispell a myth being spread by one member who seems to be under the mistaken impression that your committee are closing Rushwick without reason and for good.

This of course is complete rubbish.

 To re iterate my previous newsletter. The LANDLORD has informed the committee that he intends to plough and re seed the whole field in the next few days for the benefit of the club so that next Spring we will have a very much improved facilty. 

The committee plan to retain this site for members well into the foreseable future and rejuvenite it in partnership with Matt the landlord. 

There has to be a TEMPORARY closure whilst work takes place hence Matt has stated that now is the best time of the year to do it.especially after a rainy period like now. 

So in the interest of our 58 members safety we need to state a cut off date which in view of the imminent commencement of work we considered reasonable. That cut off date being 26th September. 

If, after the work is completed and the field has been rolled to a useabe state, then we might be able to restart flying earlier than stated. It all depends on what kind of Winter we get of course.. 

So from the above date you will not be able legally to make a flying booking. Anyone caught flying illegally will be disciplined as it would be a breach of emergency club rule 25 for covid 19.  

(Visit to keep up to date on the latest policy) 

Hope this clarifies our position. 

We know we have your support with this venture to getting a brand new field for your enjoyment 

Best regards 


Rushwick Closure until 2021

An email from the chairman:

Good Afternoon,

The committee regrettably have to inform you that with effect from and including Saturday September 26th Rushwick field will be closed to us for refurbishment by the landlord. It will then continue to remain closed until the Spring.

The landlord has made this decision reluctantly as he likes us using his field for flying models and mows the runway on our behalf.

Unfortunately Rushwick field is classed as a water meadow meaning it is sometimes subject to seasonal flooding from the nearby River Teme.

Over time the field has become infested with an aquatic weed which is now taking over and ruining the field including our pits and runway making them increasingly difficult to mow properly.

So the landlord will employ contractors to plough and fully re – seed the entire field.  As we are approaching Winter this operation hopefully should not inconvenience too many members who have the option, if they wish, to fly at the new Hanbury field.

Ultimately we end up with a nice new field for next year.

Bookings for Rushwick have been removed from the system, and the ability to book Rushwick will be removed this week

New Flying Sessions as of October 25th