Updates for Royal Funeral & Mourning

Hi everyone,

We are just issuing an update regarding flying during national mourning. Now we know the date of the Queen’s funeral, we will be respecting our landlord’s and neighbour’s request for privacy and peace. Therefore, the flying sites will be closed and a one day restriction of no flying will be in place for Monday 19th September for the entire day at both sites.

As national mourning ends on the day of the funeral, normal flying conditions are to be resumed for Tuesday 20th September with usual rules on IC and electric bark in place.

Thanks for your patience and your understanding.

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary & Webmaster

Flying during National Mourning

Good Evening,

As you will all have all heard, Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away yesterday afternoon and the country is now in a state of national mourning.

To ensure our neighbours and landlords can mourn in peace, we are stipulating that quiet electric models only are flown at both of our fields until further notice out of respect. Our landlords have also requested this from us, so they can remain respectful to their neighbours also.

We will let you know when the situation changes, for now though, thanks for your co-operation.

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary & Webmaster

Club BBQ

Hi everyone,

We are planning a BBQ on Sunday 25th September at our Hanbury site. This will be an open event and members may invite wives, girlfriends (please, not both) family members and friends to see our great hobby in action.

Refreshments will be available. (the usual burnt burgers, sausages and overcooked bacon plus awful coffee, but it all taste good at an outdoor event)

If you have a motorised glider please bring it along and if there is sufficient interest we will organise some form of  fun event.

Should the weather be against us we will defer this event for a week or two.

Last year’s event was a great success so if you can please come along, bring plenty of models, and enjoy yourselves.

Clive Maulden

WMAC Committee

Booking System Changes

Good morning all,

You may recall last year, and earlier this year, I mentioned a new booking system coming in. It is taking longer than anticipated, but you may have seen a small start to it following feedback on our website a couple of days ago. The change is to allow you to pick a time, rather than being so vague with when you plan to arrive. Our hope, following some feedback we received, is that this allows more social aspects within the club by seeing when your friends will arrive. Please remember we are not interested in if you turn up 3 hours late for a booking – we’re not logging numbers now covid is settling down so please don’t be worried at all!

We have had provided some feedback about this latest implementation. We take all feedback on board, and will look into which method is most beneficial for our members after listening to everyone properly. Please feel free to make your views known to me at webmaster@wmac.uk, or preferably filling out feedback on https://www.wmac.uk/support/

Just a polite reminder: I would like to please ask that if anyone has problems or feedback with website items, to please simply politely email me to make your views politely known or fill in a ticket on the link above. I listen to all feedback about things you do and don’t like on the website, and feedback will always be taken with a very open mind and will always act upon if required. Please remember the committee work for free, and this website is being done in my spare time for free, which you may notice is usually around 1am when I finish work and have had my evening. If you look back on your emails I’d like to hope you’ll all find I’ve always been very attentive at ensuring you’re updated on any website changes.

Anyway, I hope each and every one of you has a good bank holiday, and gets in plenty of flying!!


Sam Booton

Webmaster & Membership Secretary

Rushwick BBQ

Good morning,

We are contemplating a BBQ at Rushwick, during the second half of September, now that we have the ability to borrow a trailer to transport the BBQ equipment from Hanbury to Rushwick.

The purpose of this message is to judge the amount of members who would attend and the format of the event.

We could just provide food and drink to accompany normal flying

Simple competitions could be organised if sufficient members were interested.

The day could be for members only or could include guests.

Our concern regarding guests is the lack of any toilet facilities at Rushwick. A portable toilet could be a possibility but they can be expensive and we would need to be assured the numbers attending would justify the expense.

Your comments and ideas a would be very welcome at your earliest convenience.

Please follow the link to leave your thoughts or email us at contact@wmac.uk, or speak to any of us.


Clive Maulden

Club Booking System for Flying

During the pandemic it was necessary to have a mandatory booking system to comply with the law. This system has been improved by Sam, over time, and has become a very useful tool. A number of members asked for the system to be continued even after this ceased to be a legal requirement.

We are asking members to book in for every visit they make to either site for the following reasons:

(a) Knowing who was at the site allowed us to deflect an unjustified noise complaint.

(b) An attempt was made to convince our landlord that the Rushwick field was hardly used and we were about to give it up, This was followed by an attractive offer for the use of the field by a breakaway group. By showing our landlord the true usage of the field detailed by the booking system convinced him that he could ignore the competitive offer.

© The system was essential in proving that a form of bullying had been committed resulting in a member being expelled.

(d) There have been incidences in the past where gliders were being flown on a slope adjacent to our field at Rushwick: also someone had flown a jet from this site. It was difficult to prove our members were not involved. A booking system would have helped.

(e) Few people like flying alone and knowing others will be on site has encourage more members to attend. There is also a beneficial safety aspect in numbers. The social aspect has been the reason people have asked for the booking system to be kept in operation.

(f) Knowing when people use the site provides very useful data to assist in the running of the club.It has been noted that a number of members have stopped using the booking system now it is not mandatory. It is understood it is a minor inconvenience but we urge all members to book for every visit as the above are only benefits if every one has participated. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Clive Maulden

Club Secretary

Coronavirus Restrictions Update

Good afternoon,

Following on from last week’s Coronavirus update where all remaining restrictions have been lifted, we are pleased to announce the model club will be following the same advice.

The temporary club rules, specified flying time slots, the covid policy and the requirement to book in to fly has all come to an end. We are also no longer operating a test and trace system, or limiting anyone, in our club.

We will be keeping the booking system active on the website, as a voluntary system, due to member feedback. A lot of you liked it for a social aspect, seeing who was going down the field and deciding to book to join in. The booking system, whilst not a requirement any longer, is recommend making use of if you enjoy socially meeting up with members.

However: Please do keep an eye on emails and the website (as well as government advice), as this may change should either a new variant appear, the government plan doesn’t go as expected or the winter months later this year an reintroduction of restrictions occurs. We will keep you updated on if we need to roll back to certain restrictions and requirements.

Thank you so much to you all for bearing with the restrictions of the past two years, and for following them so brilliantly. It is hugely appreciated by your club mates, and from us on the Committee. Hopefully, these restrictions are now over for this pandemic!

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary, Treasurer & Webmaster

Membership updates for 2022

Good Evening all,

Hope you’re all well and are looking forward to the Spring just around the corner. Thank you all for renewing, we’ve had a good strong renewal figure which means the club is doing really well as always! Great to see so many of you make use of the online payments system this year too, well over 75% of you paid with bank card and Apple Pay/Google Pay this year! 

As no one at all paid by cheque or cash this year, the committee have decided to go cashless from now on. We will still be taking renewal payments online or in person at an AGM, but it’ll be by bank card or bank transfer only for now on. We have access to a chip and pin card reader to facilitate this move.

Membership cards from now on will also be digital. The committee decided each year it was an unnecessary expense and use of time printing these out for members and they were never checked or required to access the sites. Members who have left part way through the year, or been asked to leave part way though the year, didn’t return these cards which rendered the cards not very useful if ex-members continue to hold them for the remainder of that year. Having a digital version means an ex-member won’t be able to use this loophole should they so wish. You simply being able to log into the website is enough proof that you’re a member. Over the next couple of weeks, an option will appear online for you to view and download your membership card, and if you wish you may print it out. Coming in the spring, you will be able to add these cards to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet, to have the available in your digital wallet. The committee will also be able to quickly verify any member by using a new tool that’ll be made of use to them in the next couple of weeks, so please don’t worry that you have no membership card. I will update you all when the digital card comes live, and when the digital wallet options become live. For now on, we know who our members are and who has renewed so don’t worry about needing a card.

Apologies of this news taking a little longer to come to you than I had hoped, my family and I have all had covid-19 for the past week or so and has led to delays in this system coming live. 

We are all looking forward to seeing you all down the field this year! We had a great first committee meeting with our two new committee members (Mike Strain and Tom Leonard) a couple of weeks ago, we’re looking into the possibility merchandise for our members based on your feedback in 2020. Additionally, with restrictions finally easing even more so soon, and the BMFA being 100 years old, we hope to have a lot to celebrate and some good events coming up. The UKCAA are planning a return to the field this year, and more BBQs/events are being planned for both our usual socials through the year and for the BMFA Centenary! 

Hope to see you all soon,

Sam Booton

Webmaster & Membership Secretary/Treasurer

Renewing, field unavailabilty and items for sale

Good morning,

Renewals so far have been really good, and great to see the vast majority of you making use of the new card system that was asked for in 2020! Even had a good amount of members using Apple Pay and Google Pay, which is nice to see after spending ages getting it going this year. Just a reminder, if anyone does wish to pay via another method to please still use the website to make the initial order – the website tracks purchases on your profiles, so anyone who hasn’t done it via the website may find in February they can’t log in! I can do a manual override, it’s just a fair bit of effort to do, so please do remember to order via the website to make sure I don’t miss your payment and so forget the manual override! 

The field at Hanbury is also unavailable to use due to farmer shooting events on the following dates:

  • December 24th
  • January 8th
  • January 22nd

Also Clive has asked me to extend an offer from an ex-member of our club, Mel Lewis, of a few items he has for sale. He has been forced to cease model flying due to ill health. He’s not given specifics of what is for sale, but he used to fly fixed wing before moving onto helicopters and drones so he probably has a good selection of items. Please email Clive or Sam if you’re interested in seeing what he’s got, otherwise check your emails for this update to view Mel’s email address.

Thankfully we still have no restrictions in respect of the Omicron variant, just please keep booking in as you all are anyway and scanning the NHS codes if you’re using the app still. 

Happy Christmas!


Sam Booton

Membership Secretary, Treasurer & Webmaster