BMFA Record Attempt

You will be aware that the BMFA are repeating last years record attempt at having the most model aircraft, drones etc. in the air at one time. This event is scheduled for midday on 14th May.

If we have enough interested members we will register to take part, probably at our Rushwick field.

Please advise the club by email if you are prepared to take part so we can judge if we have sufficient interest. We will need an event co-ordinator so anyone prepared to take on this challenge please let us know. Email us back by replying to this email (, or let us know on WhatsApp.

Information for renewals & AGM

Good Evening,

Wednesday 14th December is the day our first AGM since the pandemic is scheduled, and we’d love to see you all there. Feel free to confirm your attendance on the flying booking page. I have some quick information regarding the AGM at the renewals for 2023 below:

Renewals online are now open, please process all renewals using the online store before sending any money. This helps by auto-renewing your membership and saves us a lot of time. You can renew online and still pay via bank transfer, credit/debit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

You have until January 31st to pay for your renewal, before incurring a £20 re-joining fee. If anyone needs additional time to pay due to excessive bills near to Christmas, just let me know, we can arrange a later payment if needed. I need to have heard from you by the end of January to do this though!

The AGM will have a chip and PIN reader for mobile and card payments, but no cash or cheques. 

Merchandise will also be available to purchase.

The agenda is available online for the AGM, and you’re encouraged to print this off and bring it along with you.

Every attendee tomorrow will receive one free large paper WMAC sticker per member as a thank you for making the time to come out to us in the freezing weather – we do appreciate it! Pop over to me before or after the meeting where I’ll be taking renewals and merchandise payments to collect your sticker.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Committee 2023

Hanbury Closures

We have been made aware of some closures to Hanbury on the following dates for shooting:

November 26th

December 10th and 28th

January 7th

Please do not attend the field on these dates!

Launching tomorrow is the AGM Hub and the ability to nominate yourself to be on the committee for 2023! Please do remember to visit the AGM Hub at to check the schedules, location of the meeting and to vote in a couple of weeks time.

Thanks everyone!

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary/Treasurer/Webmaster

AGM 2022

Good morning,

I am writing to you to invite you to our AGM for 2022, and to update you on what is happening regarding the AGM for voting and renewal payments.

This year, we’re going back to the in-person AGM like usual, but with a difference. A bit of a hybrid AGM between online, and in person.

We’d love to see you all on the 14th December at the Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club for a 19:30 start. We have booked a room to hold the meeting within, for members only.

The voting for the 2023 Committee will all be online, and during this email I’ll explain how it’ll work, the timeline for what is happening and how you can access the ‘AGM Hub’ on the website. We’ve found this to be far more democratic, due to the entirety of the membership being able to vote as opposed to only those who can make it to a meeting. Online voting is far more fair and inclusive of everyone.

You will be able to nominate yourself to be on the election for Committee 2023 and vote for your 2023 Committee. You will also be able to read the AGM 2021 minutes, the Treasurer’s report, the Chairman’s report and the results of the votes will also be made available online in the hub.

AGM Location

We will be meeting on Wednesday 14th December at 19:30, at the following address:

Perdiswell Young People’s Leisure Club

Perdiswell Park



You will be able to buy merchandise and renew your membership via our new card reader at the AGM, using any debit or credit card or mobile payments.

The committee will be handing our their own reward for ‘Clubman of 2022’ at the AGM meeting. This is for someone who we feel has gone above and beyond for their club, with Martin Round winning the award for 2021.

I will also be adding an “AGM” location to the booking system a few days before the AGM meeting (around the time the voting ends), so you can confirm your RSVP there should you wish to do so. This is by no means a requirement though, only for if you wish to express your attendance!

The AGM 2022 Hub

Here you’ll find everything you need. Nomination forms, reports from the chairman and treasurer, the link to place your vote, results – everything you need for the AGM.

It won’t all be visible straight away, and in the next section below you’ll read more into this.

You’ll find the hub here when it launches (17/11/2022):

The key dates for your diary are as follows:

November 17th – The AGM hub will already be open online (17th November), making available the 2021 minutes and the nominations to put yourselves forward to be on the election for 2023 committee. It’ll appear as a menu all of it’s own once you are logged in at the top of the website (or, on a mobile device if you press the blue menu button, at the bottom of the list).

November 17th -24th – Nominations open to put yourself onto the Committee 2023 vote. This must be done by November 24th, otherwise you will not be able to add yourself onto the election. The nominations will close at 9pm on the 24th. Chairman and Treasurer reports will go live on the 24th later in the evening.

December 3rd – 10th – VOTING OPENS – You may vote for your 2023 Committee, and any other business held in the voting form. Voting will open at around midnight on December 3rd, and close at 6pm on the 10th.

December 10th at around 9pm – Results will be sent out to members via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the website on both the news page and the hub.

December 13th – After the fees are confirmed from the online AGM and the website is updated, renewals will open for your 2023 membership at around midnight.

December 14th – The AGM meeting will be held at 7:30pm. Renew and purchase merchandise via card payment at the meeting, or online like last year.

How will the voting work?

It’ll work exactly the same as last year. You’ll click a link, select your answers, and submit. You must complete all sections with a red asterisk (*) next to them or you will not able to proceed to the next page.

Note: you will not be able to change your vote once you submit, or place a second vote so please carefully select your answers prior to submission!

As the entire membership will be voting for any nominations for the 2023 committee, for this year we do not need to worry about being proposed or seconded. The entire membership voting will cover this part of the vote by default.

Putting forward your questions

If you have any burning questions or points of discussion you’d like us to air at the meeting, there will be a space for you to write this down during the voting. We won’t be operating the forum this year as we have an actual meeting.

What do we vote for?

The items in the voting form are as follows:

  • 2023 Committee Election
    Asking if you have read the reports, if you agree with them and for any comments you may have
  • Club matters (such as fees, AOB etc)
    • For this section we have implemented a new vote. We are asking you to type in the name of a club member, committee or non-committee, who you feel has gone above and beyond for their club for 2022. You will then need to type your reason for this selection. This will then be acknowledged, amongst everyone else who was also suggested, in an email to the club with the winner being especially noted.
      • The committee will be handing our their own reward for ‘Clubman of 2022’ at the AGM meeting

Renewals are online and in person (no cash!)

Renewing is online like always now, and will be available by chip and pin at the meeting both for your convenience and also for the future going forward to make the secretary and webmaster role a little easier.

We will not be accepting cash or cheque at the meeting! We are a cashless club as of last year. We will also be selling merchandise at the meeting.

Online payments will be via the member’s online shop, found in the Member’s Menu, or from the link below:

Please note, the renewals are not available until December 13th.

You can pay by all electronic methods, cash or cheque is not accepted any more at the club. If you are paying online by:

Credit/Debit Card –  No card fees. Once you have paid, you do not need to do anything else.

Bank Transfer – No card fees. Process the order online, selecting bank transfer as your payment method and confirm. Once you have confirmed, you will need to email the Membership Secretary ( that you have processed your order online. Please confirm in your email your reference number from your email invoice from us. When you transfer the money, in the reference box in your online banking transfer page, enter your invoice number and your name.

The reason we are doing this is to make use of the new website functions – after you process your order online, and payment is authorised, your online account will auto-renew and update your payment date. This saves either myself and the membership secretary going through manually doing it for all our members and deactivating members who have left. You also get to pay online with credit/debit card, and have a receipt from all of your payment methods.

If anyone struggles, please contact myself on and I will process it for you online (not card payments though due to GDPR).

The stock of the online store will replenish on the 13th December, allowing you to add your renewal to your cart and purchase online.

If anyone does not have internet access, we can arrange an alternative way to renew.

That’s it…

That’s just about everything! If anyone has any issues with any of this, please email me at

I can help with both the website or IT issue you may face, but also as a committee member I can help with other questions you may have regarding this. If it is more appropriate, feel free to also email or speak to the other 2022 committee members. They are:

  • Dave Evans (Chairman)
  • Sam Booton (Treasurer & Membership Secretary & Webmaster)
  • Clive Maulden (Club Secretary)
  • Mike Strain (Club Officer)
  • Tom Leonard (Club Officer)
  • Jeremy Flatt (Club Officer)
  • Bryan Howes (Club Officer)

Many thanks,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary, Treasurer and Webmaster

Club Merchandise

Good morning all,

From the subject of this email, you have probably gathered that our merchandise has finally launched!! It has been a LONG time in the making with ensuring quality and correct placement of our logo on the merchandise, but we’re really pleased with the result.

All items must be purchased and paid for online or in person by bank card – we have been a cashless club since the end of 2021 so we can’t take cash payment and can’t take bank transfer as it won’t keep our stocking levels up to date. Our stocking levels are also regulated by people buying via the website/card. We have a Chip & PIN machine for people who want to buy at the fields, upon collection or at AGMs or EGMs and this device links to our stocking levels automatically.

We have stickers, caps, mugs and pens for sale to start with, and if the sales are good I will order more of those items when stocks are low and look into more lines of merchandise. If anyone has any ideas on future merchandise, please drop me an email! Bin liners have already been suggested in jest for those who enjoy targeting the ground quicker than anticipated!

We can deliver by Royal Mail only the stickers, as they’re just an envelope and a stamp. For all other items, they’ll either need to be collected at Hanbury, arranged to be collected from Droitwich or arrange to be collected at any future AGMs/EGMs. If you live a little distance from there and prefer Rushwick, we can try to give your order to a regular flyer at Rushwick. We can not post them unfortunately just yet without purchasing a load of boxes etc.

We also have two sets of stickers available, both in a large and small sizing. We have fully plastic stickers which are great, and I’ve tested this on my own car and it’s been fine. The paper ones were a mistake from supplier, and won’t be getting restocked as the plastic ones are more appropriate for our usage. However, the paper ones would be fine on an electric model as they have a glossy film over them, but wouldn’t like to guarantee a fuel proof finish on them. All stickers have a white border from the manufacturing process with our supplier, so they’d either need trimming or leaving if you’re happy with the border.

Any queries, or any ideas to expand the range, just drop me an email at – all thoughts are hugely appreciated! 

So, come and support your club, show off your membership with our merchandise and hopefully we’ll be expanding the offerings in the new year!

Many thanks,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary, Treasurer & Webmaster

Updates for Royal Funeral & Mourning

Hi everyone,

We are just issuing an update regarding flying during national mourning. Now we know the date of the Queen’s funeral, we will be respecting our landlord’s and neighbour’s request for privacy and peace. Therefore, the flying sites will be closed and a one day restriction of no flying will be in place for Monday 19th September for the entire day at both sites.

As national mourning ends on the day of the funeral, normal flying conditions are to be resumed for Tuesday 20th September with usual rules on IC and electric bark in place.

Thanks for your patience and your understanding.

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary & Webmaster

Flying during National Mourning

Good Evening,

As you will all have all heard, Queen Elizabeth II sadly passed away yesterday afternoon and the country is now in a state of national mourning.

To ensure our neighbours and landlords can mourn in peace, we are stipulating that quiet electric models only are flown at both of our fields until further notice out of respect. Our landlords have also requested this from us, so they can remain respectful to their neighbours also.

We will let you know when the situation changes, for now though, thanks for your co-operation.

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary & Webmaster

Club BBQ

Hi everyone,

We are planning a BBQ on Sunday 25th September at our Hanbury site. This will be an open event and members may invite wives, girlfriends (please, not both) family members and friends to see our great hobby in action.

Refreshments will be available. (the usual burnt burgers, sausages and overcooked bacon plus awful coffee, but it all taste good at an outdoor event)

If you have a motorised glider please bring it along and if there is sufficient interest we will organise some form of  fun event.

Should the weather be against us we will defer this event for a week or two.

Last year’s event was a great success so if you can please come along, bring plenty of models, and enjoy yourselves.

Clive Maulden

WMAC Committee

WEBSITE: You may experience issues whilst browsing our website whilst we make upgrades for a few weeks