Club Merchandise

Good morning all,

From the subject of this email, you have probably gathered that our merchandise has finally launched!! It has been a LONG time in the making with ensuring quality and correct placement of our logo on the merchandise, but we’re really pleased with the result.

All items must be purchased and paid for online or in person by bank card – we have been a cashless club since the end of 2021 so we can’t take cash payment and can’t take bank transfer as it won’t keep our stocking levels up to date. Our stocking levels are also regulated by people buying via the website/card. We have a Chip & PIN machine for people who want to buy at the fields, upon collection or at AGMs or EGMs and this device links to our stocking levels automatically.

We have stickers, caps, mugs and pens for sale to start with, and if the sales are good I will order more of those items when stocks are low and look into more lines of merchandise. If anyone has any ideas on future merchandise, please drop me an email! Bin liners have already been suggested in jest for those who enjoy targeting the ground quicker than anticipated!

We can deliver by Royal Mail only the stickers, as they’re just an envelope and a stamp. For all other items, they’ll either need to be collected at Hanbury, arranged to be collected from Droitwich or arrange to be collected at any future AGMs/EGMs. If you live a little distance from there and prefer Rushwick, we can try to give your order to a regular flyer at Rushwick. We can not post them unfortunately just yet without purchasing a load of boxes etc.

We also have two sets of stickers available, both in a large and small sizing. We have fully plastic stickers which are great, and I’ve tested this on my own car and it’s been fine. The paper ones were a mistake from supplier, and won’t be getting restocked as the plastic ones are more appropriate for our usage. However, the paper ones would be fine on an electric model as they have a glossy film over them, but wouldn’t like to guarantee a fuel proof finish on them. All stickers have a white border from the manufacturing process with our supplier, so they’d either need trimming or leaving if you’re happy with the border.

Any queries, or any ideas to expand the range, just drop me an email at – all thoughts are hugely appreciated! 

So, come and support your club, show off your membership with our merchandise and hopefully we’ll be expanding the offerings in the new year!

Many thanks,

Sam Booton

Membership Secretary, Treasurer & Webmaster