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AGM 2020

The AGM will be all online only:

November 20th – The AGM hub will open online, making available the 2019 minutes and the nominations to put yourselves forward to be on the election for 2021 committee.It’ll appear as a menu all of it’s own once you are logged in at the top of the website (or, on a mobile device if you press the blue menu button, at the bottom of the list).

November 25th – Chairman and Treasurer reports will go live.

November 20th – 27th – Nominations open to put yourself onto the Committee 2021 vote. This must be done by November 27th, otherwise you will not be able to add yourself onto the election. The nominations will open at 9am on November 20th, and close at 6pm on November 27th.

December 2nd – 9th – VOTING OPENS. You may vote for your 2021 Committee, and any other business held in the voting form. Voting will open at 9am on December 2nd, and close at 8pm on the 9th (the day the AGM would have been held originally).

December 9th at around 9pm – Results will be sent out to members via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and the website on both the news page and the hub.

December 10th – After the fees are confirmed from the online AGM and the website is updated, renewals will open for your 2021 membership.

Any members who do not have an email address logged with us will have all of the forms and reports posted out around the 13th November. These must be posted back within the same timeframes as above to ensure any nominations or votes are counted.

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