Booking System Changes

Good morning all,

You may recall last year, and earlier this year, I mentioned a new booking system coming in. It is taking longer than anticipated, but you may have seen a small start to it following feedback on our website a couple of days ago. The change is to allow you to pick a time, rather than being so vague with when you plan to arrive. Our hope, following some feedback we received, is that this allows more social aspects within the club by seeing when your friends will arrive. Please remember we are not interested in if you turn up 3 hours late for a booking – we’re not logging numbers now covid is settling down so please don’t be worried at all!

We have had provided some feedback about this latest implementation. We take all feedback on board, and will look into which method is most beneficial for our members after listening to everyone properly. Please feel free to make your views known to me at, or preferably filling out feedback on

Just a polite reminder: I would like to please ask that if anyone has problems or feedback with website items, to please simply politely email me to make your views politely known or fill in a ticket on the link above. I listen to all feedback about things you do and don’t like on the website, and feedback will always be taken with a very open mind and will always act upon if required. Please remember the committee work for free, and this website is being done in my spare time for free, which you may notice is usually around 1am when I finish work and have had my evening. If you look back on your emails I’d like to hope you’ll all find I’ve always been very attentive at ensuring you’re updated on any website changes.

Anyway, I hope each and every one of you has a good bank holiday, and gets in plenty of flying!!


Sam Booton

Webmaster & Membership Secretary