Club Summer BBQ

Good Evening,

The committee are extremely pleased to be able to announce the date of our first club social event since before the pandemic! We are really excited to finally be returning to some sort of normality, and are hoping you will join us in having a fun day in what has been a downbeat 18 months or so.

We are having a club summer BBQ at the Hanbury field on the 29th August, starting at around 10am. We will then be serving food around lunchtime on the BBQ, and we have even planned some fun events for the afternoon. We will be organising spot landing competitions, and will be coming up with a few more fun things to do during the afternoon too.

This event will only be for those who are part of WMAC, no other clubs are coming along to this one. However, family and friends of members are more than welcome to come along, have some food and enjoy the afternoon with you – maybe even get them on a buddy box!

We just ask that you please fill out your name and type how many guests you’d likely bring along – this is just so we can gauge numbers for food and drinks beforehand, ensuring everyone has enough. To let us know, please view the event on our website:

Click here to view event

One you’re on the event page, click to register.

We will also ask that members book on via the club website ASAP who are attending, like you would do for a normal flying day.

A quick off topic subject – a couple have asked if booking is still mandatory. Yes, it is, the BMFA have advised us to continue and this will likely be the case until next spring at the earliest. We will keep you updated on if this changes though! 

We hope you can come along, and we hope the weather holds out for our well deserved BBQ! It has been a long time since plenty of us have been allowed to fly at the same time, and we’re really grateful for your club spirit in supporting the decisions we’ve had to take during that time. We hope now we can continue to fly without interruption!

We look forward to catching up with you all on the 29th August.

Kind Regards,

Sam Booton

Club Secretary & Webmaster