Flying on Sunday 6th June

Good morning,

I hope you’re all enjoying the sudden change of weather over the past week! A couple of updates on the flying fields for this Sunday for you this morning…


Hanbury will be closed to members on Sunday 6th June 2021, due to a pre-arranged UKCAA event happening. As we are having to limit numbers this year, we can’t have more than 30 people there in total. This includes committee, organisers, photography, cooks etc… However, we are expecting only around 10 or so UKCAA members to attend. Therefore, after a couple of members of our committee are included in this number to cook and run the event, this will leave around 15 spaces or so for our own members to attend. 

You must book in, however not via the usual channels. The booking system on our website isn’t supported for this event as it is externally arranged, and instead you’ll need to contact Simon Ford on either or 01386 751227. It is a first come, first serve basis so you’ll need to contact him quick! 

If you intend to fly, I’ve been asked to remind you this is not a fun fly, but for a specific type of model the UK Classic Aerobatic Association fly. The definition of the model type permitted I have been given is a model “which the design was published before 1996, for F3A pattern aerobatic flying, pre turn around era – Along the lines of Curare, pacemaker, kwik fli, blue angel etc”.  

If you’d like to offer your services as drone photography or DSLR photography, cooking or simply spectating please also contact Simon as the limitation will still apply. 


By unfortunate circumstance, Rushwick is also closed this Sunday. We found out last night that another motorbike event will be held on Sunday, and so we must not fly. Saturday afternoon there may well be people turning up in preparation for the event at Rushwick, so please bear that in mind whilst booking too.

Hope you all have a good weekend! 


Sam Booton

Club Secretary & Webmaster