Rushwick Booking Changes

Here is an update on the Rushwick field refurbishment as of today.

Matt the landlord has advised us that the field has now been “harrowed” all over (not ploughed as some members believe) but the contractor mistakenly omitted to harrow the flying strip.

Within the next 5 DAYS the contractor will plough the entire field including the flying strip (but not the car park which has no river weed in it).

Therefore the booking in for Rushwick on the website is re-enabled to allow booking in at Rushwick to resume until we are forced to stop by the landlord. Booking a flying slot is mandatory for Covid safety reasons, and cancelling unwanted bookings (no matter the weather!).

MATT will call the committee as soon as ploughing starts so that once again flying will be suspended until that operation is complete.

Once ploughing, re-seeding and rolling is complete then we will re open the site to flying on the bare earth until conditions dictate otherwise. As stated previously, due to the changing pattern dictated by the landlords work on the site things will change at very short notice but we will keep you informed. Please note the committee are not setting the agenda, its the landlord who is doing that and the committee are responding accordingly.